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Last issue of Mad Magazine Newsstand

Mad Magazine Volume #9 has hit newsstands a few weeks before its release through Diamond. See why I think it has great long term potential!

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Magazine Speculation: MORE Heavy Metal

  We’ve already covered a few of the key Heavy Metal Magazine issues. Heavy Metal magazine started publication in 1977 and still continues to produce new issues. There was even an animated film based on characters that appeared in various stories inside of the Magazine. The numbering gets kind of confusing but over the last few years if you can

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Magazine Speculation Part 11: Looking at Modern Mad Magazine

    Mad Magazine started publication in August of 1952 by EC Comics. The first 23 issues were published as comic books and the book changed to the magazine format with its 24th issue. Many of the early issues can command very high prices. With the recent news that Mad Magazine would cease newsstand distribution and would only publish reprint

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Magazine Speculation Part 10: Creepy

    Horror comic books were all the rage in the 1950s. These were the days of EC Comics. EC had various horror comic books that featured decapitated heads, murder scenes and various other scenarios you’d expect from a horror story. In 1954 under scrutiny from the United States government – a comics code was developed which placed rules on

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Magazine Watch: Fangoria Volume 2 #2

When Fangoria relaunched in September I wrote a post detailing the first issue of the new volume, which is still selling well online. Last week saw the release of issue 2, like with the first issue it has sold out at the distribution level and has been selling for $30 to $45 online.   This title is not a title

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Magazine Speculation Part 9: Mr. A

One magazine that I personally love buying copies of but rarely see offered for sale in the wild is Mr. A #1. Mr. A was created by Steve Ditko in 1967, Ditko described his DC creation, the Question as the comic code acceptable version of Mr. A. The Comics Code formed in 1954 stated what could and couldn’t be published

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