Magazine Speculation Part 10: Creepy



Horror comic books were all the rage in the 1950s. These were the days of EC Comics. EC had various horror comic books that featured decapitated heads, murder scenes and various other scenarios you’d expect from a horror story. In 1954 under scrutiny from the United States government – a comics code was developed which placed rules on comic book decency- monitoring what could and what couldn’t be published.

Horror magazines became all the rage in the 1960s and 1970s because they didn’t have to conform to the comic books code. In 1964 comic writer Russ Jones approached Jim Warren of Warren publishing about producing a black and white magazine in the vein of EC comics that wouldn’t have to conform to the Comics Books Code. Warren agreed and they launched Creepy Magazine. Here are a few issues of Creepy magazine that are consistently sought after.


Creepy #1 sells well in varying conditions. This book features a tremendous cover by Jack Davis. In mid grade condition it can sell for $30 to $100 while in near mint condition it can sell for $3 to $400 PLUS.


The first seven issues are always sought after. The Second issue, featuring a Frank Frazetta cover, sells for $30 to $80. The Third issue is a $35 to $40 book. And the Fourth issue can sell for $40 to $100 depending on its condition. This book also features a Frank Frazetta cover.

Some other issues that sell well depending on there conditions are Creepy #5, Creepy 6, Creepy #7 and Creepy #11. Creepy Magazine issue #50 can also sell well in high grade.
With Creepy Magazine I think the Frazetta cover issues are the ones to be looking for. Another issue to be looking for is Creepy #17 – This book sells on average for $20 to 30. Creepy #32 also sells for $20 to $30.


One last issue I would like to highlight is Creepy Magazine #146. Published in 1985, this is the last issue in the creepy magazine run. While there were some later spin off series including the newly revamped and some-what popular, The Creeps, Creepy Magazine #146 is the last issue in the Warren Publishing run. This was labeled the “Resurrection Issue” – Depending on its condition this book can sell for $30 to $75.


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