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We’ve already covered a few of the key Heavy Metal Magazine issues. Heavy Metal magazine started publication in 1977 and still continues to produce new issues. There was even an animated film based on characters that appeared in various stories inside of the Magazine. The numbering gets kind of confusing but over the last few years if you can find copies there are a few issues that have heated up online. Heavy Metal magazine has a $8.99 cover price – this is the main reason most stores don’t order large quantities of it. Here are just a few of the issues that were published in the last twenty years that have heated up.

  • Heavy Metal from September 2011 features a beautiful Stantley “Artgerm” Lau cover. This book sells for $30 to up to $60!

    Heavy Metal September 2011

  • Heavy Metal #262 – This magazine has two covers a newstand and a diamond direct variant. The newstand cover features a back cover by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau. This magazine can sell for anywhere between $25 and $60. This isn’t an issue that seems to be on many peoples radar.
  • Heavy Metal #268 – sells for $25 up to $50!

    Heavy Metal #268

  • Heavy Metal #270 – Copies of this book have sold online from $50 to $80 in high grade.Heavy Metal #270
  • Heavy Metal Magazine #277 – Published in 2015 and labeled the Horror Special – This book has two covers, one by Luis Royo and one by an artist named Skinner. I can’t find any completed sales of the Skinner cover, but the Luis Royo cover is a solid $50 book!

    Heavy Metal Magazine #277 .jpg

  • Heavy Metal #278 – This book features three covers, one was a wraparound cover that was exclusive to Sideshow Collectibles and was limited to 4000 copies. All of the covers are hard to find in high grade.  This book sells for $20 to $30. It features a Heavy Metal Fables Little Mermaid story.


  • Heavy Metal #286 – There are three covers for this book. One of them is by Frank Frazetta, one features Grant Morrison and the other is by artist Ian Bederman. The Frazetta cover sells for $20 to $30 while the other two sell for around $20.


  • Heavy Metal #288 – Three Covers. one is a Frazetta cover – it sells for up to $60! Labeled “the weird issue” The cover B (Natalie Shau) and Cover C (Shark Toof) Sell
    for $20 in Near mint condition.

These are just a few the modern Heavy Metal issues you should be looking for. Stay tuned for more magazine speculation – click here to see our previous magazine articles.

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