Last issue of Mad Magazine Newsstand



This last week copies of Mad Magazine Volume 2 #9 started showing up at newsstand locations. Newsstand locations include grocery stores, convenience stores, book stores ect. – Pretty much any location that is selling Mad Magazine outside of a comic book store environment. Over the last few weeks various news outlets started publishing news articles about how Mad Magazine was ending. Mad Magazine (owned by DC comics) is not ending – Mad Magazine is just ending its relationship with newsstand distribution.

Mad Magazine, first published in 1952 by the EC Comics Group, relaunched the Mad title for the first time in 2018 – a way to help boost sales. The first issue sold well and a lot of copies were printed and “sold”, however, most of the copies that were sent to be sold at newsstand distribution centers were sent back to the publisher unsold. Even a relaunch and a new #1 issue couldn’t save Mad. Mad Magazine will continue publication and distribution – however the new issues will include reprint material with very little new material. The new issues will be available for sale outside of the newsstand sales model – selling to comic book stores (though Diamond Distributions) and directly to readers through mail-order subscriptions.


Since this issue is the last newsstand issue of Mad Magazine I think it has some great long term hold potential. I also think the next issue, the first “direct market” only issue, has similar potential. While the current issue Mad Magazine Volume 2 #9 can be found at newsstand locations, it is released through Diamond on Aug 21, 2019. Mad Magazine Volume 2 #10 – the Halloween Special Issue, the first direct market issue, is released on Oct 16, 2019.



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