Magazine Speculation Part 11: Looking at Modern Mad Magazine



Mad Magazine started publication in August of 1952 by EC Comics. The first 23 issues were published as comic books and the book changed to the magazine format with its 24th issue. Many of the early issues can command very high prices. With the recent news that Mad Magazine would cease newsstand distribution and would only publish reprint material after its next issue Mad Magazine Volume 2 #9 (August 2019) – I thought it would be a good time to look at a few of the modern Mad Magazines that can command a high price online.


Hussein Asylum Editions

During the Gulf War Mad Magazine distributed copies of their magazine to U.S. troops serving in the Middle East. These books can be identified by a special Mad Magazine logo on the cover in-place of the UPC. Mad did this for issues #300 to 303. These books are very hard to find (especially in high grade condition) and have been very sought after by die hard Mad Magazine collectors.


One book that hasn’t seen a lot of sales but has a few copies available online is the recalled Mad Magazine #411. This book was pulled from stands after the 2001 9/11 tragedy.

The blank cover B variant covers are very hard to come by. These books can command a much higher price than the cover A counterparts. There are only two blank variant covers and they are for Mad Magazine #538 and Mad Magazine #543. Both of these books are great books to be looking for.

Mad Magazines cancellation comes because of poor sales. The magazine was relaunched with an all-new number #1 in 2018 as a way to try to bump up sales. The issues before the new relaunch are ones to watch. While copies of last issue before the relaunch, Mad Magazine #550 are starting to sell for $15+, most of the later issues are books to be watching. High grade copies of issues like Mad Magazine #548 (Stranger Things cover) have dried up online.


The 2018 Mad Magazine #1 currently sells for $20 to $25. This book is definitely on the rise! Since this cover has what could be considered a vulgar image of Alfred E. Neuman giving the middle finger, a special black cover variant was distributed for sale at newsstands. Copies of the newsstand variant are very hard to find in high grade condition. Since issue #9 has already been announced as being the final issue of Mad that will include new material it should be expected that this book will see an increase in orders from retailers. However, since the entire Volume 2 run hasn’t been well received this issue will still have a smaller print run. All of the Second Volume issues are books to be watching.


These are just a few the modern Mad Magazines issues I think you should be looking for. Stay tuned for more magazine speculation – click here to see our previous magazine articles.


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