Valiant Hitlist: Divinity #1

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So FCBD has come and gone, is the Attack on Titan the first american published non-reprint, AOT book? Probably, should have legs in the future.
All new X-Men #40 seems to be a solid $12 book. Its weird. But there has been another book to come out recently that I havn’t really noticed until recently.

This was point out on the CGC boards and probably on the Valiant Fan websites but the new Valiant series leading its way into the “big Valiant event” has gone to fourth printing and is steadily selling for upwards of $25! Divinity #1. 

There has been a big push for Valiant titles recently with the new hollywood movie deal getting a lot of publicity, however, its what Valiant is publishing in the very near future that you should be keeping an eye on. Valiant is jumping into the future in their current comic time lines and showing the death’s of all of their major staple characters. There will also be a very limited series called The Book of Death that will only be available to certain retailers who jump through hoops and reach certain order minimums on other orders.


The next few months should be heavy valiant and the book you should be looking for right now (and holding onto!!!) is Divinity #1!

Yes there great ratio variants selling for crazy numbers but a lot of easy money will be able to be made on ANY first prints, including the blank variants!

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  • I’ve been looking for a first print of this book everywhere for 3 weeks now. They are just not available. The book was under-ordered and is into it’s 4th printing now. My shop told me that the 3rd printing was allocated and they got less than half the copies they had ordered.

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