Hollywood Daze: Captain America Civil War

A few hours ago it was announced that Daniel Brühl had been cast to play Baron Zemo in the upcoming Captain America 3 Civil War film. Baron Zemo first appears in Captain America #168 – disguised as the Pheonix, Zemo attempts to annihilate Captain America.


It isn’t until Baron Zemo’s second appearance, Captain America #275,  that he starts dressing in his full Nazi regalia, where he truly becomes what will be portrayed on screen. This is the book to look for. This book can still be found for under $3, and has a lot of potential. Baron Zemo isn’t mentioned by name in the issue, however, he is integral to the storyline that begins in Captain America #275, so its only time before this book starts picking up steam.


So, In short, Two Books to look for, Captain America #168 and Captain America #275

Screen shot 2015-01-26 at 6.49.54 PM

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