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Hollywood Daze: Avengers Spin-Off TV-Shows

Last week during a press conference for the new streaming service Disney Plus, a few Marvel TV series were officially announced. Those series include Wandavision based around The Vision and The Scarlet Witch, Loki – starring Tom Hiddleston, and the Falcon and Winter Soldier. In all three series the original actors will reprise their Marvel Cinematic Universe roles. In recent

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Captain Marvel’s Starforce

Thanks Jack Demayo for pointing this out. This week Entertainment Weekly released promotional images from the upcoming Captain Marvel movie. The DC.Marvel.Jpg instagram account did a really good job of breaking down which characters appear in these images. View this post on Instagram Ronan, Mar-vell and Starforce are here! ­čĺú A post shared by ­čîÇMy name is Vlad. (@dc.marvel.jpg) on

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Hollywood Daze: Captain America Civil War

A few hours ago it was announced that┬áDaniel Br├╝hl had been cast to play Baron Zemo in the upcoming Captain America 3 Civil War film. Baron Zemo first appears in Captain America #168 – disguised as the Pheonix, Zemo attempts to annihilate┬áCaptain America. It isn’t until Baron Zemo’s second appearance, Captain America #275, ┬áthat he starts dressing in his full

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