Highlights from D23

Today a lot of news has come out from D23, Disney’s multimedia convention where all things Disney are discussed.

The What if…? Animated series will features the majority of the Marvel Cinematic Universe cast. Footage of the upcoming series was shown that included a zombie Captain America, Steve Rogers in some kind of Ironman suit, Black Panther as Star Lord as well as the first look of Peggy Carter as Captain Britain.

Zombie Captain America first appeared in Ultimate Fantastic Four #22 (2005), but he made his first appearance in marvel continuity in Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness #1 (2007).

Marvel Zombies Vs Army of Darkness #1          Ultimate Fnatastic Four

Wyatt Russell has been cast in “The Falcon and the Winter Solider.” He will be playing the US Agent. US Agent, John Walker, first appeared in the marvel universe in Captain America #323 (1986) as The Super Patriot. He became Captain America in Captain America #333 (1987) and became the US Agent in Captain America #354 (1989).

Captain America #323          Captain America #333          Captain America #354


Ms Marvel Bannerpace
Ms. Marvel has finally been announced officially.. She will have her own television series that will cross-over between upcoming Marvel films. We spoke about this rumour on Episode 12 of the Comic Book Wars Podcast (July 25) – Kamala Khan first appeared in Captain Marvel #14 and made her first cover appearance on Captain Marvel #17 second print. Other key books include All New Marvel Point One #1 (2014) – The First appearance of Kamala Khan as Ms Marvel and Ms Marvel #1 (2014) – the first on-going title.




She-Hulk and Moon knight were also announced to be coming to the Disney+ platform. She-Hulk first appeared in Savage She Hulk #1, Moon Knight made his debut appearance in Werewolf by Night #32. Another Moon Knight book that has steadily climbed over the past few years into a “Moon Knight key” position is the 1:75 Bill Sienkiewicz variant cover to the 2014 Moon Knight #1.


She-Hulk #1          werewolf by night 32          Moon Knight #1


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