Captain Marvel’s Starforce

Thanks Jack Demayo for pointing this out.

This week Entertainment Weekly released promotional images from the upcoming Captain Marvel movie. The DC.Marvel.Jpg instagram account did a really good job of breaking down which characters appear in these images.

Right now we have four confirmed members of Captain Marvel’s Star force. The first appearance of Star Force is Avengers #346 and we first spoke about it here. This book has been selling online for $20 to $30.

Appearing in the Star Force team are,

Korath – This character first appeared in the Guardians of the Galaxy film. His first appearance is Quaser #32 from 1992.
Att-Lass – AKA Captain Atlas or Titanium Man. This character first appeared in Quasar #9 published in 1990. 
Bron Char – This Kree soldier character first appears in 1998’s Captain America Volume 3 #8.
Minn-Erva – Doctor Minerva. This character was confirmed to appear in the film a few months ago, but her first appearance is Captain Marvel #50 from 1977.

There are other characters in Star Force but there has been no firm confirmation that those characters will appear in the Captain Marvel film.

Another book that has started to pick up steam because of a character being confirmed for Captain Marvel is Hulk #418 and Hulk #419. These books feature the first appearance and the first full appearance of Skrull commander Talos.



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