My Picks for This week: Taco Time, Dredd Underbelly, Vertigo Movie TYME

Aw Tuesday. The Day before comic book day.

It looks like Judge Dredd Underbelly #1 Second Print has shipped to North American stores through Diamond this week. Titan publications has a two week early UK policy that is based purely on the books being published in the UK and being shipped across the Pacific. I mention this because Judge Dredd Underbelly #1 Second Prints have been going for $20 – $35+ on ebay in the past two weeks.
This book probably won’t hold at the price its getting right now, but the opportunity is still there for the quick flip and profit.




I havn’t enjoyed what Marvel has been doing post-Siege so I don’t really pay that close attention, but I did notice the 1:75 Taco Time 8-Bit Deadpool #27 variant. In the past 30 days there have been two presale sales on ebay of $150 and $369. $369. For a Deadpool Variant.
Right now there has been a lot of speculation on variants and Deadpool #27 1:75 Taco Time Variant and the Deadpool #27 Detective Comics #27 Art Adams Homage variants seems to be the flavour of the week.



Also, Collider or as they now call it FBP is being turned into a movie. A MOVIE. UNHEARD OF!

So yeah, now is probably the time to buy any Collider #1 1:25 Variants you can find! If a movie is made, it will be this variant and probably FBP #1 that people are looking for.
FBP #1 is a reprint of Collider #1 just with the new name. They changed the name around issue #2 and many stores still had copies of Collider #1 so as a result the second print or FPB #1 had a lower print run.
remember any movie will be called FPB #1 and not Collider #1 – with that in mind FPB #1 is a better pick with more potential than Collider #1 regular cover.


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