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Week in Review: February 17

This seems to be the week of second print variants. (and the Life of Pablo) The book to look for at your favourite local comic store tomorrow is the second printing of The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #0. Right off the success of the 5 cover set image released last month, this new cover second printing is already becoming a

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Hollywood Catchup: Mark Millar PSA / Unfollow #1

Three books were officially picked up by Hollywood studios this week, really only ones important but I’ll touch on that last. Huck #1 came out this week, penned by Mark Millar and drawn by Rafael Albuquerque. No surprise that it was optioned for a film adaptation weeks before its release, giving retailers the option to order more copies. This book has

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The Bleeding Cool Effect: Misty Knight

Last week news came out about the casting of Misty Knight, Luke Cage’s Love interest, for the new Netflix Iron Fist TV-Show. Very soon after that Bleeding cool ran an article called speculation corner spotlighting Marvel Premiere #20. What Bleedincool neglected to “spotlight” was that Misty Knight doesn’t appear in Marvel Premiere #20, she is just brought up as an

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Word?!? Jane Foster is the New Thor

Shoutout to Nick Borelli! I probably would have ignored this if he didn’t post if on our facebook page! It was revealed today that Jane Foster is the New Thor in the Marvel Now Thor series. This means that Thor #321, the first appearance of Thordis, is going to fall back into obscurity. Now is the time to sell that

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O’Really Factor: Don Johnson, Live Wire, Hellblazer

I don’t know why this book is getting popular. There is no New 52 announcement, or tv-show speculation. This book is getting popular for almost no reason. With peak sales of $100 and average auction prices of $35+, just this week. This book is most likely going to go down and be a $20 book. But right now sales are

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