Word?!? Jane Foster is the New Thor

Shoutout to Nick Borelli! I probably would have ignored this if he didn’t post if on our facebook page!

It was revealed today that Jane Foster is the New Thor in the Marvel Now Thor series. This means that Thor #321, the first appearance of Thordis, is going to fall back into obscurity. Now is the time to sell that book.

Right now the book to look for is What if Volume 1 #10 – What If Jane Foster had Found the Hammer of Thor? – this is the first appearance of Jane Foster as Thor, currently selling for $30 – $40 online, this book is going to have a lot of moving room. Now is the time to be holding on to these.

To See what I said about Thor #321 in october Check this out.

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Happy Speculating
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  • I said this when the news came out. Glad i bought every NM i could find when it was dirt cheap.

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