Week in Review: February 17

This seems to be the week of second print variants. (and the Life of Pablo)


The book to look for at your favourite local comic store tomorrow is the second printing of The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #0. Right off the success of the 5 cover set image released last month, this new cover second printing is already becoming a very hot commodity, selling online for $30 to $45. This is a book to buy and quickly sell. The first prints sold very well the first two weeks of release, however, prices have significantly dropped, demonstrating the sale window of these Power Ranger Variants. Great flip potential.


Another book that comes out this week to be looking for is the Imperium #11 CGC Variant cover. Fresh off the success of the Faith #1 CGC Variant cover, it’s currently selling for $15 to $20. This CGC Replica comic book cover, Imperium #11, has a much lower print run when compared to Faith. Currently selling for $4 on eBay, this book has great potential to be a $20 book next week.

Happy Speculating
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