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The Bleedingcool Effect Part 1 and the Death of Wolverine

Today a story broke on Bleedingcool.com about the origin of X-23 in a speculation corner of the website. Usually when it comes to speculation Bleedingcool has more misses than strikes however this book has some promise. Wolverine Vol 2 #80  In this book there is a panel featuring an early version of X-23 – Wolverine’s daughter – However this version is

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Week of February 18

Two books that spring to mind as great pick-ups that are easy to find for under $5 but sell for more than $15 – 20 are Marvel Super-Heroes Winter Special 1991 first appearance of Squirrel Girl and DC Legends #3 first appearance of modern Suicide Squad. Thats not really news as much as its typically not discussed at length. Izombie #1

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