Word?!?! Wolverine’s Extended Family

Wolverine 2
It seems like every six months Marvel adds a new character to Wolverine’s family tree. This was first leaked on the Marvel retailer only facebook group – This week’s Marvel Comics Presents #6 features a new character and wolverine thinks it “might” be his daughter. Online this book has quickly sold out and has started selling well above its cover price. Marvel has already announced a second printing for the book.

Marvel Comics Presents #6
Wolverine has numerous children, while the first appearances of characters like X-23, Daken and even Honey Badger have really moved the needle within the Marvel Comic Universe- some of the first appearance of Wolverines offspring including Erista and William Downing AKA Gunhawk can be found in bargain bins. While Marvel Comics Presents #6 is already selling for up to $25 – depending on how this story develops and how Marvel uses this character in the future it could be a book you want to be holding onto.

For reference, Erista first appears is in Wolverine: The Jungle Adventures #1 and William Downing AKA Gunhawk first appears in Wolverine Volume 4 #1 – these are just two first appearances of Wolverines many off-spring.

Since the news broke about Marvel Presents #6 – another issue in that series has started to gather some attention online. Marvel Presents #5 is being labeled the “cameo” first appearance of Wolverine’s Daughter. This book has started selling for up to $20.

Marvel Comics Presents #5



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