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DC 100 Page Giant Superman #7 WALMART EXCLUSIVE

  Early last year DC announced a partnership with Walmart to produce a series of 100 page exclusive comic books featuring mostly reprinted material as well as some brand new material from DC’s top tier creators. DC has stated that the original content will eventually  be collected and offered to comic book stores. There was a lot of controversy surrounding

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Movie Time: ‘Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice’ – Run down

So a few hours ago three villains were “announced” as rumoured to be appearing in the New Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice film. There is no real red herring with any of them, they all are plausible candidates for this film, Victor Zsasz, David Cain and Morgan Edge. These names were also posted in the Toronto Star (an arguably legitimate source

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Word?! Livewire

I really can’t give you a reason for this happening. Livewire’s first appearance is heating up. (keep in mind the picture above shows a VF+ copy at auction at $27 with four days to go) Who’s Livewire? Exactly. This has been rumoured for some time that this book was going up in value, but again, there really isn’t a reason for

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