DC 100 Page Giant Superman #7 WALMART EXCLUSIVE

Early last year DC announced a partnership with Walmart to produce a series of 100 page exclusive comic books featuring mostly reprinted material as well as some brand new material from DC’s top tier creators. DC has stated that the original content will eventually  be collected and offered to comic book stores.

There was a lot of controversy surrounding this new agreement when it was announced, many comic book stores saw this as DC stabbing the direct market in the back but DC maintained this program was to help find new readers and that it would help comic book stores in the long run. The books started to ship to Walmart stores in June of last year. The book have very high print runs and are printed with very low quality paper. Due to these books only being available in Walmarts in the United States there are a few issues that have heated up, including most of the number #1 issues, but they quickly cooled back down.

This week DC released a few new issues including an issue #7 of Superman. This book has caused a lot of controversy. The aim of the DC / Walmart publishing deal was to get new readers to seek out DC comics – especially children. This week’s Superman #7, written by Tom King, features the torture and murder of Lois Lane.

Characters die all the time in comic books, the difference here is that these books are aimed at an all ages audience and the depiction of the events in the comic are rather graphic. While some people are claiming the book is recalled, Walmart and DC have not recalled this comic book. The DC 100 Page Giant Superman #7 has been selling for $10 to $15+, which is double to triple the books cover price.


Another DC 100 Page giant that has been seeing a lot of interest, as mentioned by Brandon (our magic guru) on Episode 10 of Comic Book Wars, is November’s DC Giant Batman #4. This book features the first appearance of Jinny Hex, the great great granddaughter of Jonah Hex. This book has been selling for $15 to $25. Depending on how this character fits into the DC universe, this could be a good book to be holding onto.


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  • If DC really wants to help find new readers, why do these Walmart books have to be exclusive? Do new readers care, or even know that they can only be found in Walmart? Nick at Key Collector is referring to Superman #7 as a “snuff comic”, which has be intrigued. But better to preview it before committing to an actual purchase.

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