Word?!?! Black Mask Comics Part DEUX

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See my first post here. 
This week another Black-mask title has been released and has sold out at the distrubuter, however, this title, May-Day, is a little different than the others. As reported by the Hollywood Reporter, 

Imperative Entertainment, the company run by Heroes creator Tim Kring as well as Dan Friedkin, Bradley Thomas and Zak Kadison, has optioned the rights to Mayday, the new comic book from Black Mask Studios.
The company intends to adapt the material for a scripted TV series.

Right now the only available copies on ebay are either auctions starting at 3.99 or buy it nows above $15. May Day #1 like most of the recent TV and movie announcements in all likely-hood will not amount to anything, however, there is a lot of turn and burn potential with issue #1.


The Previously speculated Black-Mask Titles have dropped considerbly in there week of release ebay sales.
We Can Never Go Home #1 is selling for between $6 – $8 while
Space Riders #1 is steadily averaging $10

You can still buy copies of the new Black-Mask Series, May-Day at the attached link. (For Cover Price) 

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Happy Speculating
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