Word?! Bleedingcool Effect on Giant Day

Screen shot 2015-04-08 at 1.35.34 AMBleedingcool for the most part is either late in providing information for their speculators corner or they give information that just throws you off. Today they did a article on Boom’s series Giant Day #1, which has sold out at Diamond in first print and is selling on ebay for $5 to $6. This should be expected to rise just based on the effect Bleedingcool has on the comic market.
Second prints are still available at diamond, first prints are selling for $6 AND can still be ordered on the Boom Website for cover price. With the 1:20 and 1:10 variants also be offered at very reasonable prices. This book has a lot of potential.

Screen shot 2015-04-08 at 1.38.52 AMClick here to be linked to the Boom website where the first prints can still be found in stock for cover price

Happy Speculating
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  • The comic was selling at cover price. Then 3 days ago BC (Rich) reported the sellout at Diamond, and now people think this is a hot comic. It’s a false upswing. Sellouts don’t mean squat.

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