March Hit list Part QUATRE (4) Part 1

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You can check out March’s Part 1 list here, Part 2 Here, Part 3 (Valiant Watch to be continued) Here.
A lot of Hollywood announcements happening recently so this post is a lot of catch-up.

dcendgame1_54fdaa9adeae75.80599748A book that just hit the shelves hitting $10 on ebay, Batman Detective Comics Endgame #1 One-shot. Will the Batman Endgame be important after the DC universe restarts again? Will this storyline lead into the universe restarting? If this book is an indicator of anything, these new 52 first print Batman titles are ones to hold onto.

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Chrononauts #1 – This book has seen a lot of news articles springing up lately. Mark Millar is very good at promoting his creator owned works, a lot of different news websites (non-comic related) have been reporting about the optical illusion that appears on the cover for issue #1. It was also announced a few days ago that Universal had bought the rights to Chrononauts with the intentions of turning it into a film. Unlike Nemesis and Superior which Millar stated many times he would produce with FOX under his Creative Consulting role at Fox, which largely relies on the success or failure of Miller’s first project Kingsmen: The Secret Service.


Terry Moore revealed this week via Twitter that he was writing a pilot for his Abstract Series Rachel Rising. Rachel Rising #1 has been going up in value for the past three years, with subsequent printings of issue #1 also commanding cash. This makes up ask one question – Will Terry Moore write Jeff Branget, OFG member who appears and dies in Rachel Rising #26 into the TV-Show? And who will portray him? I always pictured him as a Ving Rhames type. At 2014 SDCC Terry Moore announced Alcon Entertainment had partnered with him to make Rachel Rising into a tv-show. TIme will tell if they are still in the game working with Terry however, now is a good time to be holding on to Rachel Rising #1s. 

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This post will be continued in a Part 2 which will be posted tomorrow! And remember to Tweet @TerryMoore with the Hashtag #BRINGBRANGETTOTV

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