Hollywood Daze: El Diablo Joins Suicide Squad

For the last two days there has been some speculation regarding Jay Hernandez being cast in the new Suicide Squad film. It looks like Jay Hernandez will be playing Chato Santana, the third incarnation of the super-villain El Diablo.

A rumour about Chato Santana appearing in the Suicide Squad film is not a new one, first circulating right out of the announcement of DC’s film – there are two Chato Santana books you should be looking for.

All Star Western #2 (1970)

This is the first appearance of El Diablo, El Diablo is pretty much the Zorro of the DC universe – Still widely available in near mint condition for around $70 to $100. Graded copies go for more and rougher shaped conditioned copies are obviously cheaper.

El Diablo #1 (Volume 4, 2009)El_Diablo_v.3_1.jpg

This is the first appearance of Chato Santana, the third incarnation of the El Diablo character. This is probably a better book to hold on to than All Star Western #2.

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  • Here’s a funny story:

    Went to my LCS like every Wednesday to pick up the usual and look for some of these El Diablo issues. I’m first one in the door checking out the new issues when the Lurch walks in. Mid-40’s, angry-looking, and focused. He goes straight to Spider-Gwen #1 and grabs the Anka variant. No big deal, I kinda wanted that Spider-Gwen variant but he was on a mission. Then he crawls on the floor to pull out the best copy of Secret Origins #10, followed by grabbing last week’s Batgirl #39. Someone must be reading about some hotness. I finally stop checking out the new issues to see about All Star Western #2. I turn the corner and there’s Lurch on his knees digging through the All Star Western. I thought it was a weird coincidence so I decided to walk around the shelves to check El Diablo. Right when I turn the corner, there’s Lurch digging in the El Diablos after immediately running over from the All Star Western to pull out a NM #1. NOW I’M LOSING MY SHIT. There are a total of 2 people in the store and we both obviously read this blog. I check the shelves for scraps of what was left. No more El Diablo #1 and one All Star Western #2 in Good condition. Screw that I’m out!

  • Got my copy of El Diablo #1 at a bargain bin; buy 4 get 1. Surprisingly, it looks good after being there after a week’s rummage sale. Your site rocks! Thanks for the heads up!

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