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Hollywood Daze: Nathan Fillion as ARM-FALL-OFF-BOY in Suicide Squad?!

Is Nathan Fillion playing Arm-Fall-Off-Boy in the Suicide Squad sequel? And who is Arm-Fall-Off-Boy?!

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Week In Review: May 8

Comic Book Heating up and THR talked about this this week, the movie rights for The Infinite Horizon, published by Image, has been purchased by Warner Brothers. The Infinite Horizon is a six part mini series by Phil Noto and Gerry Duggan published in 2007. These have been dollar books for years so there is a lot of potential that

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Hollywood Daze: Suicide

I don’t understand the Latino Review website. What is it? Today they “announced” who will be the film’s antagonist, or as they call it “bad guy” – and surprisingly a few websites have picked up on this news. The character is Antiphon. Antiphon first appears in Suicide Squad Volume 2 #11 from 2002. The character Antiphon is a leader of

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