Hollywood Daze: Suicide

I don’t understand the Latino Review website. What is it?

Today they “announced” who will be the film’s antagonist, or as they call it “bad guy” – and surprisingly a few websites have picked up on this news. The character is Antiphon. Antiphon first appears in Suicide Squad Volume 2 #11 from 2002. The character Antiphon is a leader of the DC villain team Onslaught, not to be confused with Marvel’s X-Men character. the Onslaught had five incarnations with Antiphon appearing in Team 5 – first appearing in Suicide Squad Volume 2 #10. The first Onslaught team appears in Suicide Squad Volume 1 #1 – which is already an important book on its own. These are two books to look for,

Suicide_Squad_v.2_10 Suicide-Squad_011_Vol2001_DC-Comics__ComiClash

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  • My local comic shop still had these two in the bins in NM condition at cover price. Nice find. Not sure how much they will be worth but at cover price you can’t go wrong.

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