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I hope you guys were listening to me two years ago when I said to start picking up Static Shock #1s. I didn’t want to report on this because its mostly rumour mongering with a side of crazy people but the book has been selling so I have to. There has been a big trend in talking about Static Shock in recent month so this small rumour could have some clout as a Jaden Smith Static Shock film was not only suggested but confirmed by Milestone founder, Michael Davis on Bleedingcool in October. but no one seemed to notice. 

Last week a rumour started from an interview with Tyler James Williams (Everybody Loves Chris Actor) that started from him auditioning for super-character roles. He was asked about Static Shock and made an off-hand remark about how “Jaden” would be doing a great job with him, implying Jaden Smith son of Will Smith (Deadshot) would be playing Static Shock in an upcoming DC Film. And boom went the dinamite. Static Shock #1 has been selling from $15 to $25 and the Platinum edition Variant cover has been selling for upwards of $80! These are books that were almost worthless two weeks ago!


This is a book to be picking up while it can still be found at a relatively reasonable price.

This Image is from the October Bleedingcool article.


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PS. Bonus

Here are some of my favourite Tweets / Inspirational words from Jaden Smith.

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