Week of September 9: David Peterson and Grant Morrison

Been getting some slack lately for not updating more often so this should be your dream post.


September 10 sees the release of Grant Morrison and Legendary Pictures new series, Annihilation #1. This is the first, of a proposed four, series from Legendary Pictures. Yes, Legendary Pictures the film company known for Godzilla, Jonah Hex and 300 to name a few. This is a mini-series but it has great pump and dump potential, with completed sales on ebay reaching $10+, days before the books release, AND its sold out at diamond. If you see this book, buy it! 
                     $_57-6  $_57-5

Another book that comes out tomorrow (September 10) that seems to be sparking up a lot of interest on the secondary market is Boom’s Wild End #1. This book features a 1:10 David Peterson variant. This book has been getting stellar reviews, and is the one of the first series by Dan Abnett since coming out in public of breaking up with writing partner Andy Lanning. If you see the variant cover, grab it! This book has potential and a David Peterson (Mouse Guard) variant just adds icing to the cake.  


Happy Speculating
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