Movie Time: ‘Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice’ – Run down

So a few hours ago three villains were “announced” as rumoured to be appearing in the New Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice film. There is no real red herring with any of them, they all are plausible candidates for this film, Victor Zsasz, David Cain and Morgan Edge. These names were also posted in the Toronto Star (an arguably legitimate source for news) but they were described as being rumoured, so take that as you will. Their first appearances all can be found for under $10 and are slowly rising. Find these three books before they show up on everyone else’s radars.




– First appearance of Morgan Edge – Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #133, 1970
– First appearance of David Cain – Batman #567, 1999
– First appearance of Victor Zsasz – Batman Shadow of the Bat #1, 1992 (Huge print run, so tread carefully)


BONUS: Also rumoured to appear in the film, with a first appearance book already steadily rising, Amanda Waller whose first appearance is DC’s Legend #1, 1986 (DC Legends #3, 1986 is First Suicide Squad so if you see these sold in a set, might be worth pick up!) 300px-Legends_1

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