Word?!?! Five Ghosts + Wormwood #1 Vs. Wormwood #0

Ben Templesmith’s Wormwood Gentleman’s Corpse is being adapted into a TV-Show. Right now we live in a comic book environment where tv-show news means money. Before I continue, I am not talking about the Garth Ennis Avatar Wormwood featuring a swearing, sex fiend rabbit, so don’t get overly excited by the news.

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The first appearance of Wormwood is in a magazine where for four issues the 20+ page story was told. This was eventually collected (in 2006) by IDW.


This tasters choice #0 book that was first offered by Templesmith at conventions as a sketch edition and than turned into a order as many as you want. Since it was reprinted material many retailers didn’t order it. Plus it came out at a time when retailers had a hard time selling anything not G.I. Joe or Transformers from IDW.  The print run for the Wormwood Gentleman’s Corpse #0 Tasters Choice is under 7,000.
This book has a lot of potential as its Ben Templesmith’s second completely solo work and the recent tv-news speculation.
The only disadvantage with this book is that it was released as five part mini-series and one-shots, which resulted in more than 4 #1 issues with different content. That is the main reason I strongly feel the issue #0 is the route to go.

In other TV and Movie News, Frank J. Barbiere recently posted on the CGC designated Chat Boards that Five Ghosts is in the works for something big, which will bring Five Ghosts back into the for-front. This is no doubt some kind of Hollywood speculation, which is great news considering Five Ghosts #1 is at an all time low.

Aside from Five Ghosts #1 (which has a GPA 9.8 SS average at $40 for this month) the book you should be looking for and pursuing is 2013 Emerald City Comic Con Edition Variant. All of these copies were signed and numbered by Frank at the show, however, he sold two bricks (bricks containing 10 copies each) to different people at the show and the books were unsigned, unnumbered. This has resulted in very few CGC blue labels for this book and has caused peak sales of $200 for a NM+ copy.
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The book to look for this week is Five Ghosts #1 Emerald City Comic Con Unsigned Unnumbered.

Happy Speculating

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