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Speculating on ‘Into The Spider-Verse 2’

Last week the first teaser video for Into the Spider-Verse 2 was posted online. In it we saw the Spider-Man Logo with the numbers 2022. Join us while we do some easter egg speculation!

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Weekend Update with Nico

Guess who’s back, back again, Nico’s back!  Tell a friend!! Seriously. It’s part of a long term play to get free t-shirts from Jimmy.  Quit judging me.   If you are a first time reader, we are glad you found your way to comicbookspeculation.com and encourage you to review the wealth of content available on this site.  We hope that

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Hungry Ghosts Animated Series

Thanks to Dennis at Sofan Comics for e-mailing me about this. Hungry Ghosts is a four part comic book series written by Chef and TV personality Anthony Bourdain published by Dark Horse Comics under their Berger Books imprint. Upon Bourdains untimely death in June of 2018 this book started to see traction online. It had since settled down before today’s

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HUH?! Spider-Man joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe Announcement

Don’t you love how mainstream comics have become that the Wall Street Journal starts breaking stories? (I talked about this when it was just information from Hacked e-mails but.. ) Yesterday it was announced by the Wall Street Journal that Sony and Disney have come to an agreement that would allow Spider-Man to join films outside of Sony’s Hands, announcing Spider-Man

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