HUH?! Spider-Man joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe Announcement

Don’t you love how mainstream comics have become that the Wall Street Journal starts breaking stories? (I talked about this when it was just information from Hacked e-mails but.. ) Yesterday it was announced by the Wall Street Journal that Sony and Disney have come to an agreement that would allow Spider-Man to join films outside of Sony’s Hands, announcing Spider-Man will appear in the upcoming Captain America Civil War film.
This means the Captain America film might be more true to the Civil War books than originally thought, perhaps Captain America really will die at the end of the film?

A few important things to think about.

In the announcement it was made clear that Andrew Garfield (and Tobey Mcguire) will not be appearing as Spider-Man in Captan America and that it will be a “new version of the web-slinger”. What does this mean? Well it could mean that they are finding a new actor for spider-man, or it could mean that THIS spider-man, to appear in Captain America 3, will be a totally different Spider-Man than seen before, perhaps a black Spider-man?

Right now three books to look for,

Ultimate Fallout #4 – Miles Morales becomes Spider-Man. This book is important because if they use a black spider-man this is his first appearance as spider-man. This could be a burn and turn situation where you do not hold onto this book. If its revealed spider-man is white, this book will lose all value. (there is a second print and a 1:25 variant that seem to be doing stupid things online)

Amazing Spider-Man #532 – Spider-Man joins the Civil War battle. This is going to be an important book black, white, or alien spider-man.


(As pointed out by the guys over at Comicbookinvest) Avengers #316 – Spider-Man joins the Avengers, and indicated on the CGC label as such.

All three of these books are quickly disappearing from online marketplaces, which means its only a matter of time before these disappear from your local comic book store. Don’t be left in the cold.

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Happy Speculating
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  • Andrew Garfield, not Lincoln (Rick Grimes)…

  • Spidey wasn’t truely an Avenger until New Avengers hit the scene too.

  • The press release specifically mentions Peter Parker. I think if they were thinking of going the Miles Morales route, or even undecided…they easily could have just said “Spider-Man”.

    • I was thinking the same thing. The mass audience thinks Peter Parker when they think of Spiderman. Even if they cast the role with an African American I don’t see Ultimate Fallout having any legs.

      Regarding Spiderman in the avengers arena, I would think Avengers 11 (first series) would see a jump. Already pretty pricey but that’s the key to me.

      • Last sale for Ultimate Fallout #4 on ebay is $25, with the one before that at $20.

        I think this is a turn and burn situation where the window will eventually close. But right now a pretty decent amount of cash can be made on the quick flip on Ultimate Fallout #4.

        But yes I agree with everything both of you guys have said about Peter Parker in Civil War.

        Thank you guys for commenting on my posts. Really appreciate it! 🙂

  • Have to agree with Dan. Even though already pricey, the silver age Avengers #11 should gain at the very least some if not eventually a lot of momentum with Spider-man being added to the Avengers films. High grade issues are already out of reach for many collectors but un-certified lower to mid grade, good to vg/fn, can still be found for an decent price ($40 to $100). I don’t think that will be the case when the movie approaches.That book has a chance to go from a semi-key to a full blown key issue. That and it is an early issue of the Avengers and an early appearance of Spider-man (came out the same month as ASM #20). All that adds to a pretty big upside to the book. Just my two cents…and my first post, which is probably worth exactly that!

  • Glad to be here! Came across the site a little while ago and figured it was time to join in! Also, did a little looking in regard to the Avengers #11… Looks as though it is Spider-man and Captain America’s first meeting as well. Makes sense, but if they use Spider-man in any of the Cap films coming out in regard to the Civil War story line this will heat up even more. Even with the high prices this issue may have even more upside than I thought. Now, where to get a second job so I can start saving for a NM copy? Meh, I’m too lazy for that. I’ll just get a solid mid grade and be happy with it.

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