Hungry Ghosts Animated Series

Thanks to Dennis at Sofan Comics for e-mailing me about this.

Hungry Ghosts is a four part comic book series written by Chef and TV personality Anthony Bourdain published by Dark Horse Comics under their Berger Books imprint. Upon Bourdains untimely death in June of 2018 this book started to see traction online. It had since settled down before today’s recent media deal announcement. This is Bourdain’s second comic book – his first was Get Jiro published by Vertigo / DC Comics.

Today Sony announced three new animated series – one of them is an animated horror television series based on the Hungry Ghosts comic series. After Sony’s success with the animated Spider-Verse film they seem to be taking a very serious approach to new animated properties. Earlier today sets of all four comic books have started selling online for up to $75! The first issue seems to be trending around $15 to $20 in near mint condition.


Hungry Ghosts #1


Its worth noting that the first published appearance of Hungry Ghosts appears in the Berger Books ashcan. This book was distributed by Dark Horse Comics at various events and sent to most retailers. This book features a previews of the first issues of Hungry Ghosts, The Seeds, Incognegro Renaissance and Mata Hari.


Berger Books Ashcan


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