Week in review: January 23

This week sees the release of the highly anticipated first issue of Donny Cates Guardians of the Galaxy series. This book has a lot of covers, however there are two one per-store variants that you should be thinking about. The Premier Variant and the Party variant are two one per store variants and have very low print runs when compared to the rest of the covers for this title. (Some stores received two copies of the Premier variant cover)


Another new release that seems to be trending up is the all new horror one-shot comic from Marvel comics titled Crypt of Shadows. While this title has sold out at the distribution level, its hasn’t had that many sales online above cover, however this book has been getting some attention, mainly the John Tyler Christopher Cover B variant. This is a book to be watching.




Another book that has been selling well online is Immortal Hulk #12. The last two issues of Immortal Hulk feature a new character “One Before All” who has possessed other characters including the Obsorbing Man and Brian Banner. The issue of Immortal Hulk that ships this week, Immortal Hulk #12 features the “reveal” of the “One Before All” character. This book has three covers, only one features the “One Before All” character – the Alex Ross cover. This book, and the Alex Ross cover in particular, is seeing a lot of interest online and seems to be trending up.




This week sees the release of two books that are selling for double to triple cover. Both Grumble #3 and Punchline #3 have several sales online ranging from $8 to $10.




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