Week in Review: November 21

This week sees the release of two ratio variants that are performing very well on the secondary market, and since the last few weeks have been dominated with high ratio variant speculation here are two to be looking for.

This week sees the release of the New Skottie Young series Middlewest #1. This book has three covers, a regular cover as well as a 1:10 ratio and a 1:20 ratio variant cover. While the 1:10 variant has not seen a lot of movement the 1:20 variant has been selling for $70 to $100 online. The 1:20 variant is the only cover where the artwork is by Skottie Young.


Another ratio variant that has been seeing a lot interest over the last few weeks is the 1:100 Web of Venom: Carnage Born #1 Kyle Hotz Virgin Variant. While this book has a few store variants – which inflates the print runs of all ratio variants for any particular book, this variant has been selling for $90 to $130.


Dead Rabbit update. Dead Rabbit #1’s and #2s have been selling for $10 to $15 – for more information on this book read my previous post.

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