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Three points of interest- Two catch-up notes and one new point of interest.

CBC – The Canadian Broadcast Company announced a few weeks ago that they were adapting Jeff Lemire’s Essex County for an original animated series. There had been rumblings about this happening for the past few months but only recently has CBC confirmed they were moving ahead with the project. This will happen. Published by Top Shelf in 2008 as three short stories later collected in the 2011 Essex County Graphic Novel- The book to look for is the first published book in this series, Tales from the Farm.

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Straight out of the back issue bin of your local comic book store, Wraith #1 by Joe Hill (Stephen King JR) is selling for $10! and why? Wraith is a side story to Hill’s NOS4A2 Novel that was announced early December to be in development with AMC. This book has great quick flip potential!

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Pictures came out this week of the Superman / Batman merchandise coming to market – With one image that might be giving away a minor spoiler you can speculate on.

Screen shot 2016-01-02 at 1.47.15 AMThis image shows an action figure three pack, Batman, Superman and a “Mega Armoured” Lex Luther. This isn’t the first time this armour has shown up – with Luther wearing it extensivly in various DC cartoons. But could this mean the armour is going to be appearing in the film? Or future films?
Lex Luther’s war suit first appears in Action Comics 544 published in 1983. Notice the similarities in the cover art to the figure. This is a book to be looking for. Even if the suit is only a blimp in the film, it won’t be the last time you see this armour.

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Happy Speculating
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