Weird Hollywood: Booster Gold and Blue Beetle

This week news came out that DC was working on a Blue Beetle / Booster Gold team up movie within the DC Cinematic Universe.

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The first appearance of Booster Gold, Booster Gold #1 (1986) has been trending upwards for the past two years, moving out of the dollar bins and entering the $50 in near mint condition arena. I spoke about this here last year. Near Mint / Mint Copies are also on fire! Where in todays marketplace CGC 9.8 copies of Booster Gold #1 are also on fire, the current GPA Three Month Average falls around $225 – where the most recent sale was $300.

35d7r12Blue Beetle has a much longer life story being brought into comics in 1939 first appearing in Mystery Men Comics #1. Blue Beetle has been published by a varitey of comics book publishers however DC bought the full publishing rights for the character in 1983. DC has had three incarnations of characters taking on the Blue Beetle costume – first discussed by Simon Payne on ComicbookInvest – The Blue Beetle that will appear in the Booster Gold / Blue Beetle is the third incarnation of the character – Jaime Reyes.

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The first appearance of Jaime Reyes is Infinite Crisis #3 – however Jaime Reyes doesn’t put the costume on until Infinite Crisis #5. I personally think Infinite Crisis #3 is the book to look for. It has one regular cover, one variant cover (by George Perez) and a second print sketch cover. Right now copies of this book has flown off ebay however copies are still very findable in the wild.

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  • Has been confirmed that this is going to be Jaime Reyes and not Ted Kord? Everything I’ve found says Ted Kord.

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