Holly-Weird?! Adam Beach to play Slipknot in Suicide Squad?

Screen shot 2015-03-30 at 3.40.18 PMThree days ago the Winnipeg Press (Adam Beach’s home town newspaper) ran an article that said Adam Beach was rumoured to play Slipknot in the new Suicide Squad film. This was after the David Ayer Cast tweet. There has been some speculation on who Adam Beach would play in the film, however, there still isn’t a definite answer.

With Slipknot currently making the comic book website rounds, it is time to start buying up his first appearance, still readily available on ebay for under $5.

Slipknot first appears in Fury of the Firestorm #28 – this is the second volume of the book, published in 1984.

If this rumour proves to be true this book should see a very clear increase in demand.

Happy Speculating!
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