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Remember yesterday when I said there would be more posts about Avengers: Age of Ultron? Well, we’re under 30 days before the new film premiers and here is another post all about the age of ULT. Bleedingcool posted an article yesterday about Dr. Helen Cho appearing in the Age of ULT being played by Korean actor Claudia Kim. A lot of female power focused magazines have done exposes spotlighting the actress.

Bleedingcool’s article suggests that based on Helen Cho appearing in the Age of ULT, her son, Amadeus Cho (member of the Illuminati) will appear in the film. Which is very likely, however, if he doesn’t appear in this film marvel has built a place where he can appear in future franchise movies. While Amadeus’s first appearance has been selling for $10 to $20 in near mint raw condition, no one has really talked about the confirmed character to appear in the film, Helen Cho and her first appearance.

Amazing Fantasy Volume 2 #15 (published in 2006) is the first appearance of Amadeus’s Cho and has spotlighted by Bleedingcool will go up in value, just based on there article so you should be looking for it.


Dr. Helen Cho, confirmed to appear in the film, first appears in The Incredible Hercules #133 (published in 2009), which has a regular cover and a pretty cool 1:15 Marvel 75 Anniversary Variant cover. This is also the origin issue for Amadeus Cho. Both this and the first appearance of Amadeus have a lot of Age of ULT potential.

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