March Hit List 5 – March is Over

Screen shot 2015-03-06 at 2.25.20 AMThis is the last March Hit List – You know what they say “all goods things come to an end” – well that counts with mediocre hit-lists made on comic book speculation blog. Heres two books that have recently started to heat up.

Screen shot 2015-03-30 at 4.15.26 PMNew 52: Futures End #47 – the first appearance of Tim Drake as Batman Beyond. This book has been steadily selling for $10 – $12 on ebay for the last few days. This book can still be found at your local comic book store, but brings up two other books you should be looking for that should be effected by this long term, the first appearance of Tim Drake – and the first appearance of Batman Beyond.


Tim Drake first appearances in Batman #436 – CGC 9.8 copies can sell for $300+ – but raw copies sell for around $10 all day on ebay. This book can still be found while long book hunting for a few bucks.
Batman Beyond’s first appearance is Batman Beyond #1 – its a character that first appeared on the animated batman television show before crossing over into the comic world. This book has been steadily rising over the last two years based on Batman Beyond’s use in DC’s New 52. This book still holds a lot of potential.

It was announced this week that Psylocke would be appearing in the new X-Men Apocalypse film. This was kind of expected but now its been made official. While her first appearances are out of the grasps of most speculators due to their current values and over speculation (New Mutants Annual #2 / Captain Britain #8) – one book that still holds a lot of potential is Psylocke’s first series bearing her name from 2010 and the earlier series X-Men Sword of the Braddocks #1 the first Psylocke focused series. on her on. Pyscloke #1 from 2010. This is a book to be looking for.


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