March Hit list Part QUATRE (4) Part 2

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March Hit-list part Four continued!

Crash_Ryan_Issue_1_CoverCrash Ryan, first published as a four part mini-series by Epic Comics / Marvel Comics in 1984, the story later continued in Dark Horse Presents. The production options of Crash Ryan has been purchased by a Producer with the intentions of making it into a feature film, as reported by Variety. The four part mini-series can be found largely in dollar bins and for under $5 – however online, the complete four part mini-series has been averaging $40! with Crash Ryan #1 commanding around $20 on its own.

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It was announced recently by a CBR interview (and by Comics Heating up) that Steven T. Seagle was writing a pilot episode for American Virgin. Steve T Seagle is a co-creator of Ben10 and has branched out from his comic book work to television and animation storyboarding. So thats a good sign. I spoke with Becky Cloonan (American Virgin artist) at the Toronto Comic Con presented by Fan Expo and she said that something was defintiley happening but couldn’t confirm anything. There were also suggestions that are leading me to think YOU SHOULD BUY Southern Cross #1. The Fan Expo variant was limited to 1000 copies, are selling for $20, which will be regarded as a steal in a few months. American Virgin never had great sales, so many American Virgin #1s ended up in bargain bins.


Thor God of Thunder #12 (2013) 
First appearance of Roz Soloman. This book ties in with the new female Thor Jason Aaron movement, which has resulted in this book selling in the last few days for between $24 and $29.99! This is a book to look for with a lot of future potential.
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