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Week In Review February 3 2016

A Big winner from last week was Faith #1‘s CGC variant cover. Faith #1 first print sold out and upon release Valiant sent out both first and second printings to retailers. A weird move. This book had four covers upon release plus the CGC mock up Variant cover. Since last week it has been trending upwards, hitting $15 just this

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Week in Review: December 22

Another week with a just two books to be looking for with great speculation value. Wakfu is a french animated series from 2008 based on a video game. Distributed by Netflix in the US the Wakfu television series has a very large European audience. This week Titan Comics (based in the UK) have released a new series based on the television series.

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Week In Review: July 16 , 2015

This week sees the first release in the Valiant Book of Death series. This series sees the first time a publisher has released a story variant – where a store has to order a certain amount of one book to qualify to receieve another book. For every 25 copies of Valiants Book of Death #1 a store ordered they recieved 1

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Week in Review: July 1: Canada Day Edition

A lot has been going on in the last few days and here is a run down of a few things I havn’t talked about. Also With Marvel announcing 40-something titles to start at issue #1 in October I’m not sure what to think about buying Marvel books.  The Squirrel Girl Second / Third Prints of the Ryan North Series

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WORD?!? Dan Harmon’s Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is a cartoon network show with a cult following, created by Dan Harmon (Community). Rick and Morty’s comic book from Oni Press has been a sell-out success, being released on April 1, 2015 both issue #1 and #2 have sold out at Diamond and these two books seem to be trending upwards. In the past ten days

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WORD?! CBLDF Elephantmen One-Shots

This was brought up on the CGC boards. Like a lot of the diamond released CBLDF books the recent CBLDF Elephantmen One-Shots were underordered by many comic book stores resulting in the two J.Scott Campbell covers to start heating up. The Colour version today sold for $20+ with the black and white sketch variant averaging around $15 (and its on

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