Week In Review: July 16 , 2015


This week sees the first release in the Valiant Book of Death series. This series sees the first time a publisher has released a story variant – where a store has to order a certain amount of one book to qualify to receieve another book. For every 25 copies of Valiants Book of Death #1 a store ordered they recieved 1 copy of Valiants Book of Death Legends of the Geomancer. This book has been selling anywhere from $25 to $50 but has been averaging at the $30 level. This book has a lot of potential growth as the other books in this series come out – all falling under the same order qualifications. If these books are as important as Valiant is making them seem, this is a book you should be buying and holding onto.


Another book that came out this week that seems to be tough to find is Titan Comics Rivers of London #1 – this book is a spin-off of the very popular book series of the same name. This isn’t a comic book adaptation, its a continuation of the story from the novels before the next book in the Rivers of London series is released. This book has sold out at diamond, has three staples resulting in most copies to have noticable defects and has been selling for upwards of $25 in near mint condition. This book is currently selling for around $15 – but is a great pick up at $3.99. (Thanks to Simon Payne of Comic Book Invest for the tip!)


Another book that has only recently seen heat is All Star Squadron #25. In the last two days the character of Al Rothstein / Atom Smasher was cast for the next season of the Flash on CW. Al Rothstein first appears as Nuklon in the DC universe in 1983’s All Star Squadron #25. All reasonably priced copies have fallen off ebay – however, this book is still available in the wild and has great potential for growth. The last few says range from $10 to $20 to $30! So this is a book to be looking for!

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  • Geomancer was solicited as a $20/25 book to help retailers cover cost, so that’s the bare minimum. #1 was a 1:25 but future issues are 1:10.

  • Don’t forget Justice League (International) #1, with the first appearance of Maxwell Lord, who is going to be appearing in the new Supergirl TV show on CBS.

  • FYI – Watch out for JSA secret files #1, the first appearance of Al Rothstien as the tv shows character, Atom Smasher. JSA secret files #1, is the same book as Kendra Saunders Hawkgirl first appearance.


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