Week In Review February 3 2016


A Big winner from last week was Faith #1‘s CGC variant cover. Faith #1 first print sold out and upon release Valiant sent out both first and second printings to retailers. A weird move. This book had four covers upon release plus the CGC mock up Variant cover. Since last week it has been trending upwards, hitting $15 just this week. This book doesn’t seem to be going down in price.


This week sees the release of Spawn #260 – the second Spawn issue by Erik Larson and Todd Mcfarlane. Spawn #260 has a 50/50 Cover B Variant cover that is already selling for $10. Speculators should know Spawn Variants have a long shelf life. Spawn, born out of the Million comic print run in the 90’s, has a very large build in audience. While Spawn #259 also had a 50/50 Cover B Variant cover, it peaked at $15 upon week of release and is now back at selling just a few dollars above cover price. This demonstrates that while there is a window with these Spawn Sketch Variants, there is still a market for them.



This weeks winner seems to be one of the Neal Adam Variant Covers, Batman’s Detective Comics #49. While this book has some sales at cover price a few hours before release – there are also sold listings ranging from $15 to $20. This book cover homages the classic Neal Adams cover from Batman #227 which is a Homage itself of the Bob Kane cover for Detective Comics #31. Of all the books released this week this one has the most potential.

Coming up: Last week I talked about Power-Rangers, well if all goes well on Saturday a Post will go live talking of the origins of some classic video-game cross-over comics. Including the first appearances of both Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog. – There is also a post I have been wanting to make about the Deadpool movie that I keep putting off – that will happen in the next seven days. 
Happy Speculating
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