Word?!?! Hulk #13

Another book that came out last week heating up. This book was overshadowed by the TMNT. Did the purple mutant turtle, Donatello die? Is he coming back? as the discussion grew and people started examining preview snippets, interviews with the creative team have not resulted in definitive answers. More on that later.

Hulk #13 has sold out at diamond and a second print is imminent. The book guest-stars Deadpool and for some reason caught retailers by surprise, largely because the Marvel Now Hulk series doesn’t sell in droves and isn’t a book most comic readers look for. This book has a relatively low print run when compared to other marvel titles from last week.
This was first pointed out by Simon Payne on Google + (IN JANUARY)

Hulk #13 has been selling for $7 to $10 and still has some potential to grow. Its a pretty cool Deadpool Cover. Hulk #14 will finish the Deadpool part of the storyline, but based on what happens in that book it could drive up the price of issue 13.

TMNT-44_Cover-RE-TriConScreen shot 2015-03-18 at 9.46.45 PM

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #44 seems to keep going up. With Cover A and B hitting $25 and the 1:10 variant steadily selling for $100, Donatello, dead or live, this book is on fire. There is a variant cover being released at the TriCon Comic Con in West Virginia. The book is first come first served with VIP ticket holders getting first crack at the opportunity to buy the books. They seem to be preselling for $40 and will be offered at the convention for $10. If you’re within transit distance, this is a show to check out.

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