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Books on the Rise: TMNT JENNIKA #1 1:25

The 1:25 variant cover for the new TMNT solo series Jennika #1 is already heating up online!

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Week in Review: July 31

  Welcome to the Week in Review – where we look at the books being released every week and highlight which ones have potential to heat up online. This week is a Wednesday warrior’s wet dream with numerous comics getting attention online. The first one is Canto #2, which has started to sell just above cover price. The first printing

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Weekend Update with Nico

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back!   If you are a first time reader, we are glad you found your way to comicbookspeculation.com and encourage you to review the wealth of content available on this site.  We hope that you find this information useful and encourage you to share your thoughts in the comment section below. Please share this website

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  This weeks Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles could be a game changer. It seems like this story has been going on for some time. In this issue the war to control the foot clan continues and a female member of the clan, Jennika, is impaled by Shredders granddaughter, Karai. Both of these characters are fighting for the leadership of the

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Word?!?! Hulk #13

Another book that came out last week heating up. This book was overshadowed by the TMNT. Did the purple mutant turtle, Donatello die? Is he coming back? as the discussion grew and people started examining preview snippets, interviews with the creative team have not resulted in definitive answers. More on that later. Hulk #13 has sold out at diamond and a second

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Word?! Turtles – NOT DONATELLO!

This was mentioned on the CGC boards. I didn’t believe it, but now that other news websites are picking up on the news it must be true. In this weeks issue of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, IDW’s TMNT #44, Donatello, regarded as the most intelligent of all the turtles has died in battle. This book hasn’t really heated up yet

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