Hollywood Daze: Deadpool / Enourmous

Yay! Week of February 15 in review: AKA Hollywood Daze! 
This first point was pointed out to me by Nathan Ebner in the Google Plus

The Deadpool movie is filming in Vancouver in the summer and today there was a new casting announcement. Gina Carona has been signed on and linked to the character Angel Dust. This is a real marvel character who first appeared in Morlocks #1 from 2002. This book is published by Marvel and written by Geoff Johns, so expect to find these far in the back issue bins. Every copy under $10 on ebay has sold since this morning. This book has a lot of potential, had a relatively high print run, and should be easy for you to find.

Morlocks #1 – First Angel Dust.

This next piece of information comes comes from Comicsheatingup

Deadline announced this morning that the Tim Daniel’s Enormous series had been picked up by Fox and is being developed into a TV-Show. Before today the going rate for Enormous #1 was $25, that has quickly doubled with the most recent ebay auction ending at $60! This book is on fire.


This book is hard to come by, but if you’re holding on to copies, now is the time to sell!

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  • If the print runs on some of these issues are accurate this book has unlimited potential “if” the show is followed through with. News of a show happening is a lot different than actually seeing it on screen although the news sounds very promising. Going back to the prints runs on the first issue few issues, even the second printings, some of them are 800 and under with the Black and white reprint suggested to have roughly 150 copies printed and the NY second printing at just over 100 copies. Some of these numbers seem very low, but this book did come from an independent company so these runs could very well be tiny. What’s your thoughts on this? For me, if the show comes out and is good to great these issues still have room to skyrocket. The key word is “if” though.

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