Correction/ Update: Mike Wolfer’s Ragdoll

First and foremost shout out to Derek Lee for bringing this to my attention.– Click here to go to his ebay account.
My first post about this can be found here. 

Mike Wolfer is very serious about bringing his Ragdoll creation into an on-going series. He plans on going into an monthly published series after this one-shot shown on the far right in the picture below. The book on the far left is the real first appearance of Ragdoll.

IMG_3056Raw Media quarterly #1 – published by AVATAR in 1998. This book features part one of the very first Rag Doll story written and drawn by Mike Wolfer. The book has four covers – and one of those covers is drawn by Mike Wolfer featuring his the Rag Doll. This book was under-ordered – Avatar was a no body in 1998 – it can still be found in Avatar’s back catalog for $15 (cover price $7.99), and has sleeper potential written all over it!

Raw Media Quarterly #1 1998 Avatar 

Screen shot 2015-01-19 at 12.18.31 AM

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