2015 Movie Watch: Part 3

Part Three of hollywood speculation to look forward to in 2015.
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Bendis’ Powers

In the next two months the first two episodes of Brian Michael Bendis’ Powers series will premier on the Playstation Network. This will demonstrate how powerfull the new PSN TV streaming service is while bringing p the value of Image Comics Powers #1. This book currently sells for $20 – $35. When these episodes premiere to the general public this book will explode in value.

FOX / BOOM Comics : The Malignant Man

one of the weirdest things to come out of 2014 is the Fox / Boom Studios relationship, which resulted in Fox optioning three Boom series. The Malignant Man, The Foundation and Unthinkable. The Malignant Man is the only one with any development actions. The Malignant Man creator James Wan, plans on directing this film, his most recent directorial project Fast and the Furious 7 shows how successful this film could be. This book has a lot of moving room, and based on its success or failure the fait of Unthinkable and the Foundation will be decided.

Honourable Mentions
Global Frequency #1

Thats concludes 2015 movie watch! Thanks for reading!
Find Part 1 HERE  – Find Part 2 HERE 

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Happy Speculating
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