WORD?!?!: Squirrel Girl and Booster Gold

This week was pretty big for the rumours mill.

Hinted at a few months ago DC has been prepping up Booster Gold for something big, even with well today an article came out that said at a recent Q and A, Geoff Johns, Chief Creative officer at DC, said that it was very possible that Booster Gold would be appearing in the upcoming Flash TV-Series. (With Firestorm also already announced for the show, this is looking like a super-hero high school scenario) – This could be DC testing the character out before trying to develop something through the DC universe films – we already know that DC put Booster Gold Easter Eggs in the recent Batman Film so if Booster Gold appears on TV, its only a matter of time before he appears on the big screen. Booster Gold did appear in the Smallville tv series, however it wasn’t a very detailed role and Smallville sucked after season 1, anyone who thinks I’m wrong is lying to themselves.

This book has been trending upwards in the past few months – Its only going to go higher, Booster Gold #1 VOL.1 1986

Booster Gold #1 (First app.)Another book that has been trending upwards recently- With near mint sales on ebay ranking the $40 range – The first appearance of Squirrel Girl, Marvel Super Heroes Winter Special #NN 1991, Previously highlighted

Marvel Winter Special 1991 (first squirel girl)
Today Marvel announced an ongoing series titles the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. A few months ago it was also reported that Marvel had taken out the trade mark for the rights to the name Squirrel Girl – which makes me think the comic series is just the first step in Marvel’s new disney-influenced kids oriented publications and the first step in making money off of the Squirrel Girl property.
Wouldn’t she look cute next to Rocket Racoon? No. Because she is dating another character who has also been getting a lot of articles written about him.

penance1Yes. Balls.

Speedball. No, not the act of mixing Heroin with Cocaine in a syringe and getting high, Speedball the terrible character created by Steve Ditko that no one cares about… until now. Speedball has been rumoured to be appearing in the Shield Tv-Show, “announced”
via an actor’s twitter account – so its really just the rumour mill. However, Speedball will be appearing in the Squirrel Girl series – so it would be pretty smart to listen to Bleedingcool for once and pick up some of his first appearances, The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #22.
Coming Up:
-Five Ghosts confirmed for TV-Series – no longer rumour mill
-Why is Battle Pope so undervalued?
Read this about Ex Machina – Good spec

Happy Speculating
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