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Buy it: Secret Origins #10

Secret Origins #10 comes out today (February 25) and as of last week it was sold out at the distributor. As of last week any copy appearing on ebay was quickly purchased, but why? Secret Origins #10 continues and “explains” the bomb shell that was dropped in Batgirl #39, where the Batgirl in the NEW 52 isn’t Barbara Gordon and was

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WORD?!?!: Squirrel Girl and Booster Gold

This week was pretty big for the rumours mill. Hinted at a few months ago DC has been prepping up Booster Gold for something big, even with well today an article came out that said at a recent Q and A, Geoff Johns, Chief Creative officer at DC, said that it was very possible that Booster Gold would be appearing in the

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The Bleedingcool Effect Part 1 and the Death of Wolverine

Today a story broke on Bleedingcool.com about the origin of X-23 in a speculation corner of the website. Usually when it comes to speculation Bleedingcool has more misses than strikes however this book has some promise. Wolverine Vol 2 #80  In this book there is a panel featuring an early version of X-23 – Wolverine’s daughter – However this version is

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