The Bleedingcool Effect Part 1 and the Death of Wolverine

Today a story broke on about the origin of X-23 in a speculation corner of the website. Usually when it comes to speculation Bleedingcool has more misses than strikes however this book has some promise.

Wolverine Vol 2 #80 

In this book there is a panel featuring an early version of X-23 – Wolverine’s daughter – However this version is in a DNA vile form.


One can only assume X-23 was cloned through this tissue extract from Logan. I would expect to see a big jump in this, Wolverine #80, book probably to a $12+ (already selling for $8) book by weeks end.

Wolverine has died more than once and every time Marvel brings him back. But, for the next twelve months, you can bet Marvel is going to be working every publishable sellable angle out of the death of wolverine franchise.

Two books to buy now before new collectors start wanting them –

Wolverine Origins #10 – First appearance of Daken – Wolverine’s Son
This book has two covers as well as a “Third Claw” Variant cover – show below on the right

Screen shot 2014-09-29 at 9.26.05 PM

NYX #3 – First real appearance of X-23


These two characters will be used in Marvel stories in the next 12 months and should see an increase on there first appearances and back issues.

Wytches #1 Speculation

Happy Speculating

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